BC Courts

Courts of BC
This website has videos that will teach you about British Columbia’s three courts: Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal. You will learn how the courts work, the types of cases they hear and common legal terms. The website is only available in English.


Supreme Court BC 
This online help guide provides a range of information on British Columbia's Supreme Court. The site features introductory videos and provides self-help resources for Civil Matters, Family Law and Criminal Law. Key resources include: Civil Guidebooks, Legal Help and Information if You Represent Yourself, Court Tips for Parents, and more....

Small Claims Court
This website will teach you about Small Claims Court, where you may handle your own case for claims up to $25,000. You will see answers to common questions about the court and learn about what cases the court hears. Basic information and forms you may need to fill out are available in French, Chinese, Punjabi and Spanish.

Justice Access Centre Self-Help and Information Services
This website provides information on Vancouver's Justice Acess Centre and their Supreme Court Self-Help and Information Services. It contains legal information and resources that can help you to understand Surpeme Court civil and family matters, explore alternatives to court and find free legal classes.

The Courts of British Columbia
This official government website lists BC court information, contacts and announcements. It also contains a searchable database of judgements, and a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section.

Courts of BC Brochure (pdf)
This popular brochure is produced by the Justice Education Society. It provides basic information about BC's Provincial Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, as well as the principle of judicial independence.

Courthouse Registry
There are 45 courthouses in British Columbia. They let you file documents, get court file information and will answer your questions about court processes. Click here to see a list of the courthouses in British Columbia.

Court Services Online
This website allows you to search Provincial and Supreme civil court files and Provincial traffic and criminal court files in British Columbia. Here you can also file Civil court documents, and access daily court lists.

Courtprep (Prepare for Court)
An interactive website that helps to prepare for court. It explains the justice system process, features an interactive virtual courtroom, and offers tips for witnesses. Available in English and French.

Alternatives to Going to Court
Some legal disputes can be solved more effectively, faster and cheaper outside the court. This guidebook gives an overview of alternatives to court, such as negotiation, mediation, neutral evaluation, and arbitration.

Courthouse Protocols
A courthouse is a traditional, formal environment which warrants a respectful, sensitive and serious attitude from the public. This document lists many of the directions that should be followed upon entering both a courthouse and a courtroom.

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