What Kinds of Cases Does the Court Hear?

Most kinds of civil cases can be heard in the Small Claims Court, as long as the amount of money being claimed is between $5,001 and $35,000.  For example, if someone borrowed $9,000 from you and won’t pay it back, you (the claimant) could start an action against that person in Small Claims Court. The $35,000 limit does not include interest on that amount or expenses you may be entitled to. Some cases cannot go to this court, like landlord and tenant disputes or claims for ownership of land.

If the amount the claimant wants is over $35,000, he or she can still start an action in Small Claims Court by lowering the amount of money claimed. For example, if someone owes you $39,000, you can start an action in Small Claims Court if you lower your claim to $35,000. This is sometimes a good decision to make because the dispute will be resolved faster than if you go the Supreme Court.

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