Solving Your Problem Without Going to Court


It is not always necessary to have a judge in court settle a legal dispute. Disputes can be settled with or without the help of lawyers and without going to court. Settling a case is usually cheaper and faster than going to court. It is also a good choice because the parties can reach an agreement they are both happy with. A judge in court may make a decision that neither likes.

Before starting an action in court, the parties should negotiate (discuss) everything and try to reach an agreement. A lawyer can also help with these discussions.


Mediation helps people resolve their legal disputes without having a trial. For cases where the amount of money claimed is between $10,000 and $35,000, either party can insist that they go to a mediation session at the court. A mediator (a neutral person), listens to both parties and tries to find a way for the parties to reach an agreement to settle their dispute.  A mediation session can be scheduled by filling in a form called a “Notice to Mediate” at the Small Claims Court registry. The court registry will schedule the session.

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